The award for overall winner

The Environmental Investment Centre and the overall winner of the competition will conclude a contract according to which the enterprise can invest up to 35,000 euros in self-development or the improvement of the environmental performance of the company.

In the framework of the contract, the overall winner can choose one award amongst the selection of awards or presents to the Environmental Investment Centre their own investment proposal. The Environmental Investment Centre and the Ministry of the Environment will analyse the necessity for the award and the relevancy of the choice.

Selection of awards:

a) A training trip

A training trip includes participation in an international environmental conference, fair or other major event, and visiting a person or a company involved in environmental activity. The subjects of the training trip are environmental technology, resource and energy efficiency, successful environmental management, and other fields. The focus of the training trip depends on the company’s orientation and the winning category (product/service, process, management). The more detailed content and plan of the training trip will be determined as a result of mutual discussions, taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the company. In addition, if the overall winner chooses for the award the training trip where the winner will be sent with the support by the Environmental Investment Centre, we will offer the participating and recognized organizations the opportunity to participate in the training trip at their own cost. The aim is to enhance the environmental awareness of other enterprises as well.

b) Implementation of the environmental management system in the company / In the case of a product, submitting the application for the environmental label

This award can be chosen by the company that has not implemented a certified environmental management system or the company that wishes to apply for the EU Ecolabel for its products. The implementation of the environmental management system includes the consultation service for the implementation of the environmental management system, trainings in the company organised by the consultant and coverage of the expenses in connection with external audits. Total expenses amount to 10,000 euros.

Application for the EU Ecolabel includes the consultation service to help with documentation and preparatory activities and give advice on how to make the product meet the criteria; if necessary external expert on the criteria for the environmental label will be included. In addition, the following expenses will be covered within this award: activities related to certification (e.g. lab tests, necessary audits, additional tests), state fees for application and marketing consultations. Total expenses amount to 15,000 euros.

c) Performance of resource and energy efficiency audit in the company

Audit is a good choice for an enterprise that is one step ahead of an average company and realizes the necessity of resource and energy efficient production in sustainable economy. Audit clearly determines the parts on which the company can economize and where to invest in order to improve efficiency. The cost of energy audit fall within the range of 10,000–15,000 euros. Energy efficiency audit includes consultations with an auditor, pre-audit visit and monitoring of the company, performance of the audit and preparation of the audit report. In addition, the award allows providing consultations on how to prepare an application for financing the investments. Resource efficiency audit is still under construction (in collaboration between the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications) and the estimated cost of its conduct is about 10,000 euros.

d) Additional investment supporting the development of the enterprise. The enterprise that has the investment need which is beneficial to the environment, stays within the limits of award fund and is clearly founded will be provided with funding by the Environmental Investment Centre, in order to realize that investment. This award is highly individual, and the need and relevancy of the investment will be elaborated and discussed with the enterprise.

Additional award for the company that will reach good results in the European Business Awards for the Environment. In addition to determining the overall winner and recognizing participants in each category, the jury will choose organizations who will participate in the European Business Awards for the Environment. The enterprises that will have successful participation in the European competition and make it to the top three companies will be provided compensation for travel expenses to the award ceremony.